Bequee 2-in-1-Pet Shower Set


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          • Good pet bathing tool: Multi-functional 2-in-1 pet bathing device that combines bathing and massage. Perfect water pressure and a soft brush give your pet maximum relaxation.

          • Adjustable strap: Adjustable rubber hand strap, suitable for small or large hands, suitable for any hand size.

          • Ergonomic design: pet care tool kit is unique, contoured shape to wash dogs of all sizes and types.

          • Save water and time: built-in switch in sprayer, easy to use. The round switch controls the amount of water to save water. Compared to conventional bathing methods, it significantly reduces water and shampoo consumption.

          • Easy to use: This hand sprayer comes with an 8.2 foot hose and 2 hose adapters. The fittings are compatible with standard showers and garden hoses, suitable for various taps.


          • 1 x pet shower nozzle
          • 1 x blue hose
          • 2 x water tap connector